Planning the Perfect Wedding The Grooms Financial Responsibilities

In order to be a successful groom, your primary responsibility is to provide support to the bride. The golden rule is: SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. But don't forget about the other big responsibility: MONEY! About two months before my wedding, I was feeling pretty good about fulfilling all of my duties as a groom. Then it dawned on me: there must be something else I need to do? I consulted a few etiquette books and realized that my work had just begun (and I had to find some cash quick). I am writing this article to summarize what I found. When you are reading this list, don't forget one thing: every wedding is different.

It is really dependent on the beliefs of yours and your bride's parents. If they are more conservative, then follow these rules more closely. Otherwise, just ask them what they want to do. When it comes to monetary responsibilities, all sorts of arrangements have been made. So without further ado, here is my list of "The Groom's Financial Responsibilities:" 1) Bride's Rings (Engagement and Wedding) - I hope you already figured this one out! 2) Groom's gift to the bride - I wouldn't skimp on this one.

I gave her this gift AFTER all of the wedding festivities when we got back to our hotel. This is something that will forever remind her of her wedding and her wedding night. 3) Gifts and boutonnieres for the groom's attendants - a popular gift is cuff links. 4) Accommodations for the groom's attendants - oops, I think my best man paid for his own room! 5) Lodging and Transportation for groom's parents 6) Bride's bouquet - she picks it, you pay for it! 7) Corsages for immediate family members 8) Minister's transportation, lodging, and fees - this one was really a surprise to me. I had no idea! 9) Marriage License fee - definitely one not to forget.

10) Transportation for groom and best man to wedding 11) ALL honeymoon expenses (Ouch!) - this is where you will be hardest hit, but like the bride's gift, it will create lasting memories. Don't skimp on this one either. 12) All rehearsal dinner expenses These days, many expenses are being shared and split in different ways.

Just have open communication with both the bride's and the groom's families and everything should be just fine. Good luck, and remember the golden rule: SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Scott Fromherz owns and operates multiple websites. Check out a wealth of wedding resources at Everything Bride ( http://www.EverythingBride.com ). You can find more wedding articles at http://www.articleadvocate.com/Category/Weddings/223

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