Disposable wedding cameras advice

Disposable wedding cameras are more and more popular as couples love the candid shots revealing their unique moment seen through the eyes of family and friends. If you have decided to use such celebration cameras for your own wedding you might find the tips in this article quite helpful. One of the first thins to keep in mind is that you should try to match the colors and patterns of the disposable wedding cameras so that they go along with your wedding colors. There are quite many celebration cameras models for you to choose from today, and in addition you can choose to design your own disposable wedding cameras and have them custom made. For instance, you can have the bride and the groom's photos, names or wedding date imprinted on the cameras. You should note that there are several types of disposable wedding cameras that you can choose from: 15 or 27 Exposure - You can pick 15 exposures or 27 exposures.

It is recommended to choose 27 exposures unless are on a strict budget this way you will end up with as many candid shots as you can. However, for those who look for saving some money, the 15 exposure celebration cameras can be a great choice. Black and White or Color ? Most people opt for the color film and it is generally more affordable. The color films are a great choice for those who want to capture beautiful color of flowers and outdoor scenery. Black and white films add an old fashioned look and it is a great option if you want to add a sort of classic look to it.

Camera Speed ? Most wedding disposable cameras come with 400 speed films. If the speed number is higher, it means that the film reacts quicker to light. Keep in mind that the correct speed film for any shot depends on two main factors: action and light. 400 speed celebration cameras are for all-around usage and generally work well in almost any situation. Flash or no Flash - Disposable wedding cameras today usually come with a flash.

It is recommended to pick cameras with a flash as they provide efficient lighting in all situations. Even if the wedding is a daytime outdoor wedding, there could be cloudy or the lighting is simply not right. 35 mm or APS - 35 mm more popular its greatest advantage being that you can find it everywhere and have it developed just about any place that develops films. APS is a newer film format and some of its benefits are that is smaller so it allows the disposable wedding camera to be smaller, it allows the making of an index print, a shit containing numbered thumbnails of all the pics, and it allows you to choose among three formats, such as 4" x 6" (classics), 4" x 7" prints, 4" x 11 " pictures (panoramic).

The APS films are a little more costly to purchase and to develop. Recycled or Brand new ? The recycled celebration cameras are cameras that have been used before and now are refilled with another film and resold. As with any used product you may encounter some problems, but if you are on a low budget you can give it a try. However, allow yourself to be suspicious, if the prices seem too good to be true.

After picking the type and design of the disposable wedding cameras, you still need to figure out how many cameras you want and where to place them. Generally, one camera per table will do. You can also leave notes about how the camera should be used and remind them to leave them behind. It is possible that some guests think they should take the camera as a wedding favor. Disposable wedding cameras are a really wonderful idea. You can ask a friend to develop the prints for you, thus when you come back from your honeymoon you can have a get together with friends and family and relive the wedding day through your photos.

disposable wedding cameras are the most popular celebration cameras as they help the bride and the groom relive their wedding day as seen by their guests.

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